Enolgas USA Inc.

2530 North Powerline Road
Suite 401
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

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About us
Enolgas USA Inc. is the only company that provide high quality actuated valves and system packages, with only one dedicated item number, that is part of a self-explaining combined nomenclature. Actuators, valves and systems are manufactured under one roof, from raw material to finished product. Our core business is HVAC. Moreover, we distinguish thanks to our products innovation in design, ease of installation, performance in critical applications. Our products range, provide the standard items for the HVAC industry and specific products, purpose developed, with added value.

Enolgas Bonomi was founded in 1960 as a family business. Initially it manufactured valves for the food, oil and gas industry. The company soon specialized in the production of cocks and valves for plumbing and construction, as well as for the natural gas distribution network. In 1970 it started production of ball valves for general purpose applications.

In 1991 Enolgas Bonomi Quality System obtained ISO 9001 certification for design, manufacturing and service. Every step of the full cycle production is controlled by the skilled staff of the company’s Quality Assurance department

In 2008, the Ft. Lauderdale branch opened as its US office.